Friday, September 13, 2013

Wounded Women of The Bible Book Review (Kregel Blog Tours)

I read Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts, in exchange for honest review from Kregel Blog Tours. This post does contain Amazon affiliate links and images. I received a paperback book. The book was written by Dena Dyer and Tina Samples.

My Review:

I chose the book because it had a woman-focus. The book consisted of 13 chapter, discussing different women in the bible. Some of The women included: Abigail, Dinah, Ruth, Hagar, Jochebed, Mary and Martha. Each of the women went through a particular problem, which damaged and wounded them. For example, the first chapter discussed the two women in Solomon's court. The women were prostitutes and they both had babies around the same time. One woman accidently killed her baby, while she was sleep. She rolled on top of her. She panicked and went and stole the other woman baby. She tried to pass the other woman's baby off as her own. The living child's mother took her to court. Solomon said cut the baby in half and give a half to each woman. The true mother said no, let my baby live and give it to the other woman. The true mother got her baby back. The story discusses pain, heartbreak, death, life, and friendship. The story also showed compassion and love. The true mother did not want her baby to die. She was willing to hand her baby over to the other woman, so her baby will life. The two woman was best or close friends before the ordeal, but grief, panic, and lying, changed their dynamics forever. 

Each chapter gives discusses a biblical woman, in addition to providing a relatable story by each of the authors. Each chapter also has discussion questions. The discussion questions are at the end of the book. Great for small group discussion. 

The book is 10.96 on Amazon via paperback. 

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