Monday, September 9, 2013

PleyGo Sponsored Post. US Family Bloggers

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About PleyGo

PleyGo is a rental service for Legos, founded by Elina Furman. The program is similar to Netflix. Parents can subscribe to the service and exchange Lego sets, each month, with no limits. 

Shipping is free, sending and receiving. The sets are also cleaned and sanitized when returned to the company. 

Your child (ren) gets legos each month. If they get bored, you can ship them back and get a new set. Legos also helps with developmental milestones. For example, my youngest son has a global delay in walking, talking, and fine motor. Using legos, blocks, and other sensory toys, has helped improve his fine motor skills. Another benefit is you reduce clutter in the home. The blocks are not yours. You can ship them back anytime you want. 

The website offers 3 subscription plans. The lowest plan starts at $15 dollars for a fan set. $25 for a super fan set, and $39 dollars for a mega fan set. Once you sign up, you can add sets you love or your kids love to the wish list. Sets will be sent according to the order on your wishlist. Once your child is done playing with the set, you place them back in the bag/box and ship them back to Pleygo. When the company receives the blocks back, then they will ship out the next item on the wishlist. 

Parents, friends, and others can also donate a gift subscription. A 3 month gift is $25 a month, 6 months is $23 a month, and 12 months is $21 month. If you want to gift someone a set, but you don't know their address, you can send the subscription to their email. Finally, you can buy sets if your child wants to keep it. 

Receive your first month free at US Family Coupons or PleyGo

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