Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mighty Handle Review (Bloggy Moms)

I reviewed the Mighty Handle  , in exchange for review from Bloggy Moms. This post does contain affiliate images.

The Mighty Handle provides a way to carry grocery bags or dry cleaning, without all the extra weight and hassle. Each handle can carry up to 50 lbs. I liked the Mighty Handle and wanted to review it.

IMG_20130815_133027.jpgI thought of those days back in Atlanta, when I went to Krogers and had to carry all those bags from the store, across the parking lot, to the bus stop. Then, wait on the bus, carry bags on the bus, sit down, head home, pick up bags again, walk to the house or apartment, without breaking a single bag, while taking a lot of breaks lol. The grocery store was about an hour from home, via the bus, but 10 minutes by car. Took two busses to get to the grocery store, which made the trip longer.

The handle can eliminate strain on hands and wrists. The handle also protects bags from getting damaged.

I tried out the mighty handle a few weeks ago. My child had a dr appointment. Krogers is across the street from the doctor. We usually walk to Krogers to get a quick snack, while waiting on my mother to pick us up. I had a few bags and used the mighty handle. It was nice.

IMG_20130815_133052.jpgWhile I was waiting, I struck up a conversation with a street vendor outside of Krogers. She had a lot more bags than I did and had to ride the bus back home and work. I gave her the mighty handle as a gift. I will be ordering another set. I quickly took pictures of her using the handle with my groceries. The handles held three bags of groceries with no strain on my or her wrists.

The Mighty Handle is 9.99 on Amazon currently. You get two handles. If you are a prime member, you can get the handles within two days.


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