Monday, September 23, 2013

Last week in review

I went to a friends fb page because I have not heard from him in a while. His last post said he was in jail. Barry and I went to school together at University of Phoenix. He was quiet, hardworking, but had a criminal past. Another friend and former classmate had asked about him. I told her he was in jail. She asked why. I didnt know so we googled it. We was shocked at what we found. No drugs. No alcohol. No domestic abuse. No stealing. It was worse. Child molestation. Third strike. Life in jail. Does he deserve to go to jail? Yep. What I dont understand is multiple life sentences on top of extra time. You only get one life. Barry is 40 years old. He isnt going to live forever. I just hope he stays on his ps and qs. Being a child molester in jail is no bueno. I watch lock up raw and other similar shows. Based on that, i am praying he turns to God and asks for Gods guidance and grace, while he serves his time.

The kids and i plus the niece and nephew ventured to the backyard to clean and play. We focused on the patio. We moved all the junk. Trimmed hedges. Raked the old grass. Hosed off the patio. Let the kids get some water play.

My great niece got naked and followed me around. She liked the hose. Kalen followed suit. I finally set up the plastic pool and let them play. Once my oldest started stripping, i got the babies out. We spent a few hours outside. Got back in and my niece hasnt got home yet. Leaving me with still 4 bad kids. One of them is hers. My great nieces grandma didnt want to help and her great grand mom had to go to work.

The niece  showed up after 8pm crying. She went to a friend house after school. Somehow she bruised her shoulder. Instead of going to the ER right away, she came home. Her mama called 911 and the ambulance came. Once again leaving me with 4 kids. Luckily brad, kalen , and riah went to sleep. Having two special needs kids is a lot without adding on more. My niece went to school 1 or 2 days last week. Missing bc of a cold and a bruised shoulder.

Finally we had the xbox incident. My mama bought a xbox for the living room with grand theft auto san andreas. Brad isnt allowed on gta bc he gets aggressive. I went downstairs to do something and saw brad playing. I should made him get off then but  i saw broken glass in the sink.

My sister broke a glass pan in the sink. The glass was in the garbage disposal and on the floor too. I had to get the glass up. So i let brad play the game. He was doing fine until my nephew asked to play. Brad didnt respond so lil eugene took the controller. Big mistake. It triggered a level 5 brad meltdown. He was hollering, screaming, kicking, biting, fighting. It lasted a while and in multiple rooms. I had to give him his meds early to calm him down. The incident got worse when my mother got involved. If a child is kicking, biting, and screaming-move your butt out the way. She got a hurt toe but i have little sympathy since she made things worse. I have to get control over brad so he can calm down. It is hard to do when other people get involved and not trying to really help. Im not paying for medical bills for any injuries. I had a hurt shoulder.

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