Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It'z Family Fun (US Family Bloggers Program)

I was provided 4 tickets to Itz in Willowbrook Mall area (Houston, Texas) Courtesy of US Family Bloggers.

About Itz

Itz is a family-fun center, with multiple locations around Texas. The Willowbrook Location had food, arcade attractions, bumper cars, video games, and rides. Everyone, who enters has to pay for admission and food. It'z had an unlimited buffet with Pizza, Salads, Pastas, desserts, and drinks. 

Readers can enjoy Itz from now, with the fall promotion, until 9/22 here. Tickets must be used by September 22, 2013.

The code will provide:
  1. Unlimited Food. Like I said before, Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Baked Potatoes, Drinks, Fries, Icees, etc. 
  2. Unlimited fountain drinks. 
  3. Unlimited video games (not the coin operated games.)
Kids also eat free at It's every Thursday. 

My Review

The family went two weeks ago or so. My mother, sons, niece, nephew, and great niece. The tickets included admittance, food, and an Itz card with 20 tokens on it. The food had mixed reviews between the family. I liked the salad, soups, and hot pizza, fresh from the oven. Some of the other pizza's sitting out was cold. You can always request a pizza. My youngest son wouldn't eat anything. He is a picky eater. He did eat some salad and drunk some soda. Brad ate a lot of food. He was being picky as well. My nephew is a veggie and allergic to gluten. He ate some fries, baked potato, and a salad.

My niece got on the big ride: The Disk'O. She covered her face the whole time with her hair. lol. The ride was in the shape of a disc or maybe a big UFO. The rails were curved. The riders went up the curve, high and down the curve and back up again on the other side.

I also enjoyed the kiddie rides, which was free. My great niece cried on every last one. Kalen took the rides like a champ. I thought he would be the one crying, but he was mature and enjoyed his self. The froggie, the horsie, and the plane. Kalen took it like a champ. I also enjoyed the arcade games. One of them was called Fast Fingers, or something similar. You had to trace the path with your finger from start to finish before time ran out. I never finished in time.

Another game had you stacking blocks. The virtual blocks came down the screen and you had to steer the virtual platform to catch the blocks. The blocks can fall off and can tumble. I scored maybe 1000 points in both rounds. 

Brad played on the skeet ball machine, along with the hoops. Kalen and the niece played on the kiddie rides. They also tried some ball games.

All-in-all, Stacie, Brad, and Kalen won 75 tickets, which wasn't enough to buy hardly anything except candy. They had little trinkets, but some was too small to bother with. I got some candy. But, the cards are reloadable. If you come back for another visit, you can accumulate your tickets on your Itz card until you are able to get a bigger prize. I needed about 600 tickets to 30,000 tickets.

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