Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bumper wipe clean activities (Kregel Blog Tours)

I reviewed Bumper Wipe Clean Activities , in exchange for review from Kregel Blog Tours. This post contains affiliate images and links from Amazon.  The book was written by Juliet David and illustrated by Marie Allen. The book was published by Candle Books. Bumper Wipe Clean activities is an Christian activity book, which kids can use in the car. Every page can be used with dry-erase markers or crayons.

The activities include:

  • Connect the dots
  • Spot the mistakes
  • Matching pairs
  • Hidden Objects
  • Drawing
  • Mazes
  • Tracing numbers
Each page also represents a story in the bible, such as an Angel is telling Mary she will have a baby and then your child can trace over the words, Angel. Another puzzle is a maze, where Jesus is taking a ride through Jerusalem and needs to know the right path to take. 

The book provides endless fun. When your kids are through with an activity, they can wipe it clean and start over. My kids, nieces, and nephews loved the book. The book is available on Amazon for 9.78 and is prime eligible. 

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