Thursday, August 8, 2013

World Hepatitis Alliance (Sponsored Post Blog Dash)

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3 Monkeys Photo.pngI am helping promote the World Hepatitis Alliance, courtesy of RedPill and Blog Dash. I chose this campaign because I know about some STDs, but not all. If you do not know, I have had herpes for almost 9 years. This campaign gave me the opportunity to learn more about Hepatitis. The copy and images was provided by RedPill. I am being compensated for this post.

About the World Hepatitis Alliance:

The World Hepatitis Alliance calls for urgent action to address Hepatitis, which can kill as many people as HIV/AIDS. The foundation is not asking for a donation, but a request to share the above video. A recent study: The Global Burden of Disease study, showed viral hepatitis killed 1.45 million people in 2010, the same as HIV and AIDS, and more than TB or Malaria.

500 Million people are living with chronic viral hepatitis. Hep B and C are silent because many people are asymptomatic (shows no symptoms). In 2010, The World Health Organization recognized Hepatitis was a major health issue. World Hepatitis Day is one of the 7 world health days, officially recognized by the World Health Organization and all member states.

Help raise awareness by watching and sharing the Three Unwise Monkeys video. It is hilarious. It is a spoof of the Matrix, where Neo (I think) and Neil are discussing the red and blue pill.

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