Friday, August 23, 2013

Reading Eggs (US Family Guide/USFG) Sponsored Post

This post is sponsored by US Family Guide/US Family Guide Bloggers Program. The copy points and pictures were provided. I will receive a 3 month subscription to Reading Eggs for Participation.

As most of yall know, I have two boys, with special needs. I love any program, which can teach my kids anything. I love Starfall, Reading Kingdom, and Zac Browser. I signed up for Reading Eggs, a while back, for the trial, but Brad has not started fully using it yet. Kalen starts school next year (two schools to be exact: A preschool for children with developmental disabilities and Head Start.)

Reading Eggs is a online program, developed by teachers, writers, animators, and developers. The program is designed for kids, ages 3 to 12. Since launching in 2011, the website has gained more than than 500.000 subscribers and has uploaded more than 15 million lessons. You can sign up for a free-two week trial offer of Reading Eggs, with no credit card required. Reading Eggs also has a math component, in addition to apps for Apple and Android. I downloaded the free apps to my phone and saved the paid apps to my wish list.

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