Friday, July 26, 2013

Yabbly Review (BrandBacker)

YabblyI am reviewing Yabbly, in response to a campaign on BrandBacker. This is a sponsored post and I am being compensated for this post.

About Yabbly:

Yabbly is a website, which allows people to make better purchasing decisions. You can ask your own product purchasing decision on the site and get answers within 24 hours, guaranteed. The website is more than a social network.

At the top of the page, you have a pencil and pen button, which is where you post your questions. You provide a brief bio of what you are looking for, choose the tags, and then post the question. Side note: there is a search bar, so you can search for products and recommendations   Your posts are then reviewed by the Yabbly administration team. My posts were reviewed within 3 hours. 

Posts are organized by topics such as tech, home, family, auto, and needs love. Needs love is for posts, who have little to no responses. 

I posted a few posts on Yabbly: one for a waterproof phone and one for a internet streaming device. 

You also can respond to people's posts. Give your reviews and recommendations to others. Your responses are also reviewed. 

There is also the option to thank people for their responses on your threads.

The responses:

The post for the internet streaming device went well. Everyone recommended the same product, Roku. The second post about waterproof phones also went well. One person recommended an Samsung. Another recommended a waterproof case for an android. Another provided me a link on the differences between iPhones and Androids. 

Things I would like the site to have:

  • A way to tag people in responses. 
  • Faster approval system. Like I said earlier, it took 3 hours to approve my first two posts. Not sure if that is the norm or because I posted after midnight. It also can improve conversations or help conversations flow/move faster if you have a fast turnaround on approvals. 

If your posts are denied, you will get an email saying what was wrong with it, along with a link to edit the post. 

Another feature of the site is the top 10's list of things I own and like: you type in what you like. a bunch of photos will pop up and you can choose which one best represents your loves. You also can write a brief description of why you like/love/admire the product. 

Top 10 List of things I own and love:

Social media

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