Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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I reviewed Why is the Sky Blue by Shabana Muhajir, in exchange for review from Reading Addiction Blog Tours.

My Review:
The story is about two little boys and their mother, who visit the beach. One brings his art supplies and the other brings his toys. It's an nice day at the beach. After some observation, the boys ask their mother, why is the sky blue? The book then moves into an explanation of why the sky is blue. So, the book is now part children's and part educational (science). The mother explains the colors of the rainbow and the order of colors in the rainbow. The book also explains wavelengths (Brings me back to high school) and briefly touches the speed of light. The book also has a speech bubble about the earth's atmosphere. Finally, the book ended with an experiment with rainbows. There is also a glossary at the end of the book.

I loved reading the book. It was a quick read. I chose the book to read to the kids. Love any children's book, which is interesting, but not too long to lose attention. The book touches different aspects of science. great to incorporate into a homeschool curriculum. Loved reading the book.
About the Author: Copied from RABT
Shabana, a Canadian, spent her early years in various countries and now lives with her husband, two sons in Singapore. She has a Master’s degree in Education from Newfoundland and a Master’s in Business Administration from Windsor, Canada. She worked for a telecommunication company in Canada and Singapore for thirteen years as a marketing and business development professional. She’s currently working as a Director at a consulting firm, and serving as the Vice President/room parent co-ordinator of the PTA at her sons’ school. She loves to read both fiction and non-fiction books. Her kids are also avid readers and love performing experiments and finding out how things work. She conducts weekly experiments with them based on their interest and level of understanding. It was her boys’ curiosity and endless questions that led her to write her first book, Why is the Sky Blue?  She plans to write a series of non-fiction books on thought-provoking and interesting topics for children.

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  1. Thank You for taking the time and reading the book. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!
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