Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Water Park Survival Tips and two tickets to the Schlitterbahn Giveaway

I am writing this post for US Family Bloggers in response to their SchlitterBahn campaign. I was provided with free tickets, in exchange for engagement and participation. Some information was provided by US Family Bloggers, other websites for survival tips, and myself.

I have not been to a waterpark in years. The last time I went, I was married with a young child. The family had to switch off watching Brad jr. so everyone, including myself, can have fun. We went to SplashTown in Spring, Texas. My family used to go every year since I was a kid, but we don't go anymore. I have never been to the Schlitterbahn in Texas. The locations include Galveston, New Braunfels, and South Padre Island. The park is also located in Kansas City, Kansas. When I go, I will attend the Galveston location.

So on to WaterPark Survival Tips:
  • Wear Sunscreen or Sunblock. I have plenty of bottles of sunscreen, in addition to foundation, which has SPF protection built in. I been wearing sunscreen since I was a kid. It was uncool for African-American's to wear sunblock. I remember getting picked on for applying sunblock on a field trip to the YMCA pool. I love my shade of brown, but I do not like the effects of the sun. 
  • Drink water. The Schlitterbahn allows people to bring in ice chests, which means you can bring in bottles of water (and food) or purchase some in the park. My old ROTC teacher told us during an event, to drink lots of water. It is much easier to go to the bathroom than to pass out from heat, exhaustion, and dehydration. 
  • Wear Swim shoes or flop flops. In the Schlitterbahn, there will be hot spots without shade or carpet. Wear a water worthy shoe to keep the feet cool. 
  • Choose the right outfit. It is hot in Texas. Wearing all black or dark colors anywhere is hot. Wear light colors. Also, choose the right bikini/swim suit. No one wants to see all that LOL. 
  • Leave all non-essentials at home. You do not want to lug everything around. 
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses. Hit up the dollar tree, if you cheap like me. Protect your eyes and head. 
Here are some tips from Blue Bayou Water Park
  • Watch the weather. Plan your trip before you leave the house. You don't want to end up in rain or a thunder storm. 
  • Get to the park early for good parking spots and setting up camp. You can get the shady spots in the parking lot and picnic areas, especially if the picnic area is covered. 
  • Look for discounts. I listed a discount in this post for the Schlitterbahn. Save a few bucks. For example, my youngest son is free. I can bring along two extra guests, if they give me a ride to the park. 
  • Pack a lunch. You don't have to purchase food in the park, if you are watching your finances. A few pb & js and chips is also a good lunch. 
  • Apply sunscreen regularly. 
  • Change your clothes for the second half of the day. You can get sweaty and drenched and will need a change of clothes. 
  • Find out how tall your kids are BEFORE you go. Can your kids ride the rides? Are older kids allowed in small kids play areas. 
  • Research the park's busy days. Call to see if there are any camps or field trips on the day you are visiting. Maybe go during non-peak hours, especially if you have special needs kids (Stacie's tip). 
  • Pack a cooler of drinks and snacks for the ride home. 
  • Put kids in bright-colored swim suits
  • Arrive when the park opens
  • Pack a bag with sun block and towels. 
  • Put on sunblock before leaving home and while waiting in line
  • Get one of those waterproof money holder necklaces 
  • Carry cash for locker rentals, food, and other incidentals. 
  • Bring a book, music, and other reading material for when kids are playing in the wave pools and other kiddie areas
  • Sanitize everyone as soon as you get home. 

  • Bring Swimmers for the babies. My mother had an incident weeks ago where she took my niece and great niece to the pool. My great niece is one years old. She could not get in the pool for two reasons. She did not have an approved life jacket and she wore regular diapers. Do not be like Stacie's mother. 
  • Bring waterproof goggles to protect the eyes, especially if you are going underwater. 

Perfect Chaos Reader tips:
  • Don't drink the water +Omavi Ndoto . Self explanatory 
  • If you can take in your own beverages, take water so you can stay hydrated. Sheila S.
  • Take your patience with you. Sheila S. 
  • I always give my son a gentle reminder that other people might be rude or say bad words where he can hear and that just because others do it, does not make it okay for him to do it... I put sunscreen on BEFORE we leave the house so it has time to soak in and we don't forget once we're there. I reapply while he's out of the water for a snack or lunch. We take plenty of water and juices to stay hydrated, an extra towel in case one is lost or gets something spilled on it, Absorbine Jr for insect bites...I never forget my camera to take pics of the fun... something I never do is take/use things that might distract me if I choose to take a break from being in the water. No book, iPod or electronics of any kind. Even if I'm not in the water I keep my eyes on the kids. Lisa W. 

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  1. Eat a good breakfast that includes protein. Take breaks.

  2. Pavement gets super hot! Wear water shoes or flip flops.

  3. Take a waterproof camera, you don't want to miss those special shots.


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