Saturday, July 6, 2013

Schlitterbahn (toddlers and tweens in two from a special needs perspective). US Family bloggers

I am participating in a campaign by US Family Bloggers. I received free tickets, in exchange for posting about the Schlitterbahn. This week's topic is Toddlers and Tweens in Tow.

  • The promo code for the 2 day $7 Off discount is 299000334 
  • The promo code for the $5 off discount is 299000335
  • Valid at ALL Texas Schlitterbahn Parks!

I got the tickets in the mail today. I told my mother, simply because we need a ride there, with the extra ticket for her. Her response: She wants to take my niece, great niece, nephew, and herself instead, of Stacie and her boys, not knowing the babies (my youngest and great niece) are free. Her main reason was it was a water park and I will not let my kids go near the water, which is correct. Last week, they went to someplace called Kemah. Kemah's water area is too close to a real ocean (which is a safety issue, if Brad decides to jump off the edge during a meltdown). The folks asked me to go (at the last minute) hoping I would say no. I like to find places to keep my kids included so they can have fun too. So, my mission is to find something for special needs kids to do at the Schlitterbahn. So, first I went to the water park website for Galveston, Texas. 

  • You can bring in your own food
  • Free parking
  • Free life jackets and inner tubes, based on availability. Can bring in your own personal life jacket.
  • Super Splash Cash--wrist watch which is loaded with money you need to spend in the park, without carrying your wallet or purse. 

  • Wasserfest Kids area: The attraction offers low speed and shallow water. I also liked how the website said the area is more for supervised youngsters, the disabled, and partially health limited guests 
  • Tiki Tikes features kiddie slides in a shallow water. The area also has water sprays. 

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