Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lifestyle of a Prophet: A 21 Day Journey to embracing your calling by James W. Goll (Book Review).

I read LifeStyle of a Prophet, in exchange for review from Bethany House. The book was written by James W. Goll and published by Chosen Books. I received a paperback version. 

I chose this book because I have no idea what my calling is. I know what I am good at, but is that what God wants me to do? I have done administration at a church before, but got tired of that quick. Basically, the church had a secretary and I was just helping do some work in Microsoft.  The church bought the software, but had no idea what to do next (besides train the secretary). The problems started when the pastor and secretary started calling my house multiple times per day, in a row sometimes, to get me to come in to work. I worked Third shift at a factory, plus was a new mother. I did not get home until 7 am. I needed my sleep. I didn't mind coming in, but not every day and not before 9 am. I was not going to spend all morning typing documents when I can do that at home. The secretary and I worked the same job, but different shifts. write it down and meet me in the parking lot. lol. I also love to read, write, organize, clean, cook, etc. 

But anyway, back to the book: The book is part instructional and part workbook. Each day provides a lesson, prayer, and questions. There is some space to jot down your answers. 

Some highlights which stood out in the first few readings: 

  • Page 24: Selfish ambition is not the kingdom way. Promotion does not come from the Lord, but normally after you been in the game and endured a few rounds. 
  • Page 25: Abandon any attempts to build your own kingdom or ministry  Forget about building your own empire. Build His Instead. Worship God passionately. Consecrate yourself to him to be his holy dwelling place. 
  • Page 25: Do you want to experience the lifestyle of a prophet? It begins with intimacy. Surrender to Jesus and worship him. 
  • Page 29 This is what the prophetic life and ministry are all about---human beings being filled with the breath of God, and then in turn exhaling onto others the breath of life they have received from their creator. 
  • Question from Day 1: Consider the kind of friendship you desire to have with Jesus? What do you want that relationship to look like? (p.26). 
  • Page 35: God wants to talk to you. He wants more than just the "right" answers so you can pass his tests. He wants to draw near to you. He is your adoring father and he cherishes his kids. Questions from the Lord are an invitation to merge from the place of hiding into transparent honesty and light. 

This was an excellent book. Excellent teaching tool, learning tool, and workbook. It also can be a small group bible study. 

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