Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 6, 2013

Kalen in Therapy July 1, 2013 
I thought of a new quote today: Why buy new when you can review? I went to the store today to get food and when I got home, there were three packages for review: The Bulu Box, Ageless Derma, and an Influenster box. Bu lu box, an influenster box, and a new product from Ageless Derma. Yesterday was the Piczzle Puzzle and a mystery Box from Tomoson.

I got two book reviews due tomorrow. Have to get started on the posts, once the kids go to bed.

Next, I am doing detox next week for the Revolt Fitness Challenge. Spent almost the same buying healthier products. Tomorrow, I will also write up the Juppy and Dance Revolution reviews for Tomoson.

Anyway, have a nice night


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