Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth

My cycle came on weeks early. Instead of coming on in the middle or towards the end, it came on the first week. Yay me. In my opinion, if this was an ideal world, as soon as you don't want any more kids for good, you should get an automatic hysterectomy. I did ask for one, but got my tubes tied instead.

Brad been eating all day long. Feeding his self and other people fixing him a plate. I don't like that because brad has high cholesterol. He already eats a lot because of his high metabolism, but I dont cook a lot of fried foods. I use a lot of olive oil to prepare food with or I use low fat butter.

Even though some of the food was grilled, eating a lot of meats and starches is not good for anyone, especially when they have a language delay. Brad can point to his body parts and he also knows how to say nose and eyes. The House had everything from nachos to burritos to collard greens with turkey necks.

Kalen been picky today. He ate chips, bananas, pita chips, burritos, cereal, etc.

Anyway, How was your fourth?

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