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Groove Kid Nation "Rhythm Bears" CD Review (Tomoson)

rodney leeI reviewed Groove Kid Nation: Rhythm Bears, in exchange for review from Tomoson. I was provided a physical copy of the cd for review.
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About Groove Kid Nation:
This is the third CD by Grove Kid nation
  • Produced by Rodney Lee (record producer and keyboardist). Rodney has 20 years experience in music (touring sideman, record producer, and recording artist.
  • Lee started creating children's music after the birth of his son. 
  • Engages kids to participate with the music: clapping, stomping, vocalizing, etc. 
  • Contains various instruments: harmonica, fiddle, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, clarinet, kalimba, ukulele, didgeridoo.
  • Each song features a new instruments
  • The CD comes with a 10 page booklet, featuring illustrations (10.99)
  • "I think we are missing a great window of opportunity to introduce real musical instruments and more advanced music concepts to our rapidly developing toddlers' ears and brains," explains Lee. "During these formative years our children are learning about all kinds of sounds ranging from the simplicity of a cow's moo to the complexity of speech and language. It is also the perfect time to introduce the sound of various instruments like the saxophone, trumpet, guitar, violin, and many others." (Rodney Lee, 
  • Creative play helps development of kids under 5 years old. Kids can hear different instruments on the CD, in addition to clapping, stomping, and singing along. 
  • Features the best musicians in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 10% of the wholesale price of the CD is donated to Care.Org, which helps fight poverty. 
  • For information on Rodney's other projects, please visit or

List of Songs:

  1. Rhythm of Life
  2. The Why Song
  3. Teddy Bear's Picnic
  4. I can
  5. I do, but I don't
  6. Little bear interlude
  7. Kalimba
  8. The train song
  9. say and play
  10. virtue of the small
  11. This old bear
My Review:

I never heard of Grove Kid Nation before applying for the promotion, so I had no expectations when I got the CD. I was very happy with the CD, the instruments, and the vocals. Made me slightly wish I stuck with band (but not the clarinet). 

Rhythm Nation is a up-beat song, which used claps. It is a catchy little song. I thought I heard a guitar in the song.

The Why Song: contains harmonica. It asks a series of why questions, which reminded me of my oldest son. The song also encourages kids to stomp and clap. Why doesn't a spaceshuttle poke a hole in the sky? Why do chickens have wings but can not fly?  Why oh why? The answers never satisfy. Why oh why?

Teddy Bear's Picnic: It is the classic song, with participation for the kids (repititionFeatures the clarinet. there's a bear acting silly. running around, willy nilly. 

I can: features the Didgeridoo and shakers. It is a good song, telling kids what they can do.  when i was a youngster at the age of three, i began to expand my vocabulary. i got my abcs together and soon i learned to spell. I can. wash my hands to my mom's surprise, ate all my broccoli before her eyes. (lyrics are in no particular order).

I do but I don't I do but I don't. but I do but I don't. I do but I don't. I will what I want. Yeah it's catchy. It's about kids having a hard time choosing what they want to do. It's like asking Brad to go to the bathroom. He does not want to, but he has to anyway. The song features the jugs.

Little Bear Interlude features the drums and piano.

Kalimba features the Kalimba. pass the popcorn, pass the popcorn. the kiddies are encouraged to clap along. 

The Train Song features the banjo and encourages kids to make sounds with their mouth.

Say and Play features the violin. It is a catchy, fast beat.

Virtue of the Small features the Ukulele. This was one of my favorite songs on the CD. Tiny ants do things twice their size. These things remind us all of the virtue of the small. Tiny fish swim in the deepest seas. Raindrops fill the oceans over time. The laughter of a child makes everyone small. It's a big wide world and your heart is small. Little wings, big dreams, will take you far. Lyrics are not in chronological order.

This old bear features the clarinet, banjo, violin, and kalimba.
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