Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes Book Review, Tour, and Information about Cree and Scooter

I read Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes, in exchange for honest review from Cree and Scooter Facebook Group/Fan Corps Site. I received a pdf version of the book.

About Cree and Scooter:
Tammy Sutton-Brown was a former WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) veteran and two-time all-star. Being a basketball player has allowed Tammy to travel around the world, experiencing diverse cultures and countries. Tammy believes exposure to diverse languages, traditions, values, and cultures enhances quality of life, which is what inspired her to write Cree and Scooter.

"My vision is to implement global education at an early age through Cree and Scooter. I want kids to be able to travel around the world without leaving the comfort of their home, school, city or country, engaging their imagination and sparking their interests. When you read, your world opens up. I want to encourage early literacy for kids, ignite a love for travel and exploration and form an appreciation for the word we live in, its languages, cultures, and history. It is my belief that global exposure will enhance the lives of others beginning with our kids. Our world has changed and is continuing to change with the people from all around the world playing and living together, as well as attending the same schools. Kids will be in good hands with Cree and Scooter. " (Tammy Sutton Brown)

Other benefits of Cree and Scooter: (copied from the Media Kit). 

● Aid in the development of global-minded kids, which will navigate their minds with Cree and Scooter through the crevices of each continent
● Expose kids to the things they wouldn’t normally get from standard schooling
● Stimulate kids worldly curiosity
● Take kids on global journey
● Enable kids to learn different languages, foods, cultures, history,landmarks and geography
● Promote excitement on the curious minds of kids
● Enable kids to travel the world without leaving their home, school, city, or country
● Educate without kids knowing they are learning
● Ignite a passion for kids to learn not only about their cultures but other cultures

My Review:

Cree is an adorable little girl, while Scooter is her best friend (and a stuffed animal chameleon). The family is preparing to visit Canada. The book is a good read. On one page, Scooter is giving facts about chameleons and on another, kids can learn more about Canada. For example, Canada has two primary languages (English and French). Canada is also divided into provinces, similar to how the United States is divided into states. The book also has a world map plus a map of Canada. 

Next, the book flows well and is written in easy to read language. The book mixes pictures with the story, which can provide a nice break for the kids/parents. Each page also is short enough not to lose kids interest. Kids and parents also can learn French. French words are scattered in bold throughout the book, in addition to a small French to English glossary at the end of the book. 

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Buy The book: The book is 6.99 on Kindle and 18.95 Hardcopy

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