Friday, July 26, 2013

Clear Winter Nights

I read Clear Winter Nights by Trevin Wax, in exchange for honest review from Blogging For Books. When I requested the book, I had no idea what it was about. I knew it was Christian-based, but it was not released to the public yet. I could not find any information on the book and requested it anyway.

and I loved it.

You have a main character, Chris, who is doubting his faith. Chris has a good job, a future, and a fiance. Add in a strained relationship with his father plus a grandma, who instilled the Christian faith in him, who died.  Chris starts doubting his faith, doubting his life, doubting his future. He takes a break from his fiance.

120 x 600Chris was in line to help seed a church but his heart was no longer in it. He goes to visit his grandpa, a former pastor, who just got out the hospital. The book had a plot, but what I enjoyed more was the conversations between the Chris and his grandpa. There was an interesting conversation where Chris said all religions was on equal footing. His grandpa was saying that everyone felt their religion (or lack of religion) was superior to another's. It was the one they chose or grew up with. It is the one, which holds their beliefs and faith. It is their truth. Chris could offend some people by saying all religions was equal.

Even though the paperback is small, it is not a quick read. It contains a good plot and good dialogue about religion and faith.

As of now, the book is still available for pre-order on Amazon. 9.99 for Kindle and 10.98 for hardcover.

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