Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shebusa Bracelet Information and Giveaway

I am reviewing Shebusa for a Sverve Campaign. Shebusa specializes in customized clothing and accessories, especially leather bracelets. I went to the website before signing up for the campaign to see how the customization works. The items are not cheap, but they are very beautiful.

On the site (for shirts, for example), you can customize color, size, fabric, type of collars, pockets, cuffs, and wrists. You also can do a contrast collar and cuff (collar and cuff a different fabric from the rest of the shirt, if you chose a shirt). Next, you can choose button color, in addition to if they are hidden or visible. Third, you can choose bending. As you customize, you can see a picture of updated look to the left.

For bracelets, you can customize the color and type of animal skin. You also can customize by price and type of bracelet (metal and leather). You can have gold, money, or copper plating. Next, you can add your initials to the bracelet.

Note: You can change the currency and country at the top of the screen. There is a mini map of the United States, if you click on that box, you can change the country to France (or the United States). If you want to change the currency, there is a monetary symbol next to the map symbol. You can change the currency to the dollar, pound, or euro.

Delivery times on products vary. The website provided a guideline of delivery times:
Jacket, trousers, skirts, dresses: 4 to 6 weeks
Fur coats: 3 to 6 weeks
Shirts: 3 to 5 weeks
Leather goods, bags: 6 to 14 weeks
Small leather goods: 3 to 6 weeks
Bracelets: 3 to 6 weeks
Hats: 5 to 12 weeks

Use the code SDWPER is save 15% off the total sale. The bracelets price from $130 to $170 (British Money), and from $180 to $235. American Prices is around $170 The code lasts until August 31, 2013

About Shebusa:

Paraphrased from Shebusa

Shebusa is a Japanese term, which references simple, aesthetically pleasing, subtle, and discreet form of beauty.
Customers can order luxury and custom-made products (bracelets, shirts, suits, dresses, and other accessories, such as belts, hats, shawls, coats, and other leather goods). You can customize items to your own measurements and personal tastes.
The company works with the best European Master Craftsmen, who have worked for decades for luxury brands. The fabrics are from the best weavers and the skins come from the best tanners.
Every product purchased is delivered with the customer's initials. Each item is also labeled and numbered.

All About Leather:

Paraphrased from Shebusa

Leather is a natural product, derived from processing animal skin. A younger animal has a higher chance of having higher quality leather. Using various technical, manual, and chemical means, the tanner will create leathers with different characteristics to make each hide unique.
Shebusa choses their tanners carefully. The company only works with the best ones, who provide the greatest World Luxury Houses, which include Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Celine, or Salvatore Ferragamo.
Some types of leather include calf, sheep, goat, snake, pig, ostrich, crocodile, and sting ray.

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