Friday, June 21, 2013

Printcopia Review

I reviewed Printcopia in exchange for an honest review. I chose a pic of myself and kids, taken with the laptop's webcam. I received a 16 X 20 upgrade for putting a logo on my blog.

Printcopia allows you to turn your photos into art. I received my art today. On the website, you can create canvas prints, prints, basic photos, acrylic, framed prints, panoramic, and decals. You also can upload your art and photos from Facebook and Instagram.

Company social media:

The only problem I had was I chose a webcam print. I kept getting emails asking me to confirm that this was the print I wanted and I had to email back print as is. The print arrived yesterday (6/20/2013). I ordered the print on the 6th and the order did not go into printing until the 11th. If your order goes on hold, you will get an email stating the reason. My photo had low resolution. The email will also ask you to download the proof and look at the proof in full-size on the computer. Look at the image from close up and from a distance. I sent in three or four print-as-is's to the company. The process was worth it though. I got a beautiful print in the mail.

This is the print I chose. I know it's not the best print, but I wanted something with the family in it. Something that has sentimental value to hang on my wall.

Pic of Item Ordered

Ok, this is a video of the canvas, which arrived in the mail. The print arrived in plastic, to protect the print. It also came in a nice sized box, yay. 

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