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Obsessive Chronicles Book Review

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I read Obsessive Chronicles, in exchange for honest view via Sage Blog Tours. The book was written by Josh Greenfield. I also had responded to review the book via Book Blogs. I saw the author post on book blogs and wanted to review the book. Sage also contacted me to do the book as well. I chose the book because it dealt with mental health. I deal with mental health daily. mine and my kids. Brad is autistic and ADHD. Kalen is delayed (language, walking, and fine motor). Kalen also has petit mal seizures. Brad used to have seizures and so did I (epilepsy). I believe at times, I have ADHD because my mind wanders a little too much and sometimes I can take on more than I can bear. For example, book reviews. At first, I was taking on more books than I could read because I thought I could handle it. Then, I kept forgetting which books I was supposed to read and when. I had to create spreadsheets to remember book reviews and tours, giveaways, and blogger promotions. 

My review:

The book was very descriptive. I got lost into the book quick. The book starts off with Jordan contemplating on making changes in his life. He can not get angry because he can lose control. He talks about making mistakes and learning from them. One thing I from that line-was you can't make mistakes if you are lazy and don't do anything. You have to get up and live life to make mistakes. He also discussed how he had severe obsessive compulsive disorder, which required psychiatric assistance to cope. Getting to the point where he needed help was a hard road. 

At the start of the book, Jordan was in college. He was a studious individual. He stayed in the library all day to study, then found somewhere else to study once the library was closed. Jordan went to class on time and did the homework. Jordan strived on routine. When he got stressed, he would take a leave of absence. Jordan also wanted to escape and go somewhere, far, far, far away. I feel like that a lot of times. Go somewhere. Escape and come back with a fresh new attitude. He finally did escape to New York with very little of his stuff. 

About the Book: (paraphrased from the email). 

The book discusses how Jordan Fineman dealt with mental illness. Jordan had obsessive compulsive disorder and bi-polar disorder. He also worked at an Alaska salmon cannery, later working in New York, as a paralegal in the 1980s. 

About the Author (paraphased from the media kit).
Josh Greenfield is a graduate of both Phillips Andover Academy and Cornell  University's College of Arts and Sciences. He holds two masters degrees from the City University of New York, one in History and one in English Literature. He also completed the better part of a doctorate in English at Fordham University. His desire in writing is to tell a entertaining and engaging story, to look for laughs in dark places.


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