Monday, June 10, 2013

My Books Giveaway

For the Month of June, I am giving away one of my books (paperback). Either, Chocolate Kisses, Love.Lust.Life., or Conversations.

Product DetailsChocolate Kisses is a book of poetry, dedicated to a former addicktion of mine. The book does contain sexual content. Started writing poems about him in 2005. The book ended up as therapy. Finishing it meant ending an addiction.

Product DetailsLove.Lust.Life. is another book of poetry. It does contain sexual content but covers other topics. My second book of poetry focuses on three aspects of my life. This book is more in depth with my feelings, emotions, struggles. Most of the poems were written between 2008 to 2010. I went through a crush, a miscarriage, graduation from school. I went through a lot mentally. Love.Lust.Life. was originally the first book and Chocolate Kisses was a part of LLL. I decided to break the two apart to separate two aspects of my life. Love focuses on being in love, unrequited love, the fantasy of being in love. Lust focuses on my sexuality. Life focuses on some of the things I went through

Product DetailsConversations is a collection of short stories, I wrote. 3 was written for a contest for Lulu. One started out as a novel for NaNoWriMo, but I did not finish. and the last deals with some thoughts I have about sexuality.

The stories include:

  • Conversing with Normality was about a conversation I had with my oldest child, who is autistic. He was hungry and I was struggling to figure out what to feed him, when we had nothing to eat. 
  • Conversing with Salvation was about a conversation I had with God about my Children's salvation. Will Brad truly understand God's grace and mercy? It is my responsibility to make sure my son learns about God, despite his disabilities.
  • Miscarried was about the pain I felt dealing with multiple miscarriages. The story became 600 words of therapy for me. 
  • Conversing with Sexuality discusses my journey towards Celibacy. 
  • First Attempt is a mini-short story, I wrote for National Novel Writing Month. This is the beginning of a story, based on things, which occurred between my sons and I.

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