Monday, June 24, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints

I reviewed Easy Canvas Prints, in exchange for honest review. I received an 11 X 14 print. I chose a photo collage I created with CollageItPro. I chose this pic because it has plenty of pics of my kids, in action. I don't have too many pics of the kids and I together because it is either brad only, kalen only, brad and kalen, myself and kalen, myself and brad. I knew the pic would come out dark in some spots because of the webcam photos, but it still was a beautiful canvas.

About the company:
Facebook Page

The company offers canvas prints, with different sizes, wraps, and frames. You also can choose a custom size. You chose the photo for the canvas, whether a photo, digital art, or a landscape. If you have art on Instagram or Facebook, you can choose that too.  You also can choose borders and enhancements.

Some enhancements include:
  1. Black and White or Sepia Pictures
  2. Minor Retouch-ups (red eye, date stamping, minor imperfections)
  3. Major Retouch-ups ( teeth whitening, wrinkle removal, scars, blemishes, object removal, photo restoration, filter effects, painting effects, color isolation, adding people, removing people, and background replacement. 
I chose my children. The canvas comes arrived in a plastic bag to protect the print. So this is the pic (and a video of the canvas), I chose:
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  1. I think your canvas turned out great. Love all the smiles on the kids, it's so cute!


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