Friday, June 28, 2013

ArtTextry Review

I reviewed ArtTextry, in response to a post on Bloggerdise. I chose the Now poster. My wonderful kids decided to open up my mail for me. Lesson learned: when getting mail, any mail, put it up right away, especially if it comes in a big box or a canvas roll.

I saw an ad on Bloggerdise to review an art website. I love art. I love art on my walls. I don't like blank, plain white walls, such as the ones in my house. The Now Poster is 19.99. You also can save 30% with a coupon. The coupon is available on the website and posted on the blog. Coupon lasts until August 19, 2013

What the poster says:
and it dawned on me that there is nothing but life
the life of the living--the life of the now
and the soon will now come to pass
memories of yesterday, dreams of tomorrow
today as life "is"now

but the nows come and then
they pass. As life shifts from time to time. 
from now to now
A ways in the now

About ArtTextry: (copied/paraphrased from the website)

  1. "ArtTextry is the marriage between art and text (thought), the relation and reflection of one with the other."
  2. ArtTextry provides quality, full color posters with UV coating and direct- to- plate systems presses. 
  3. The artwork is created by artists in Miami
  4. The art inspires you to "think, to be, and to do"
  5. The artwork starts at 14.99. 

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