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Vision of New Jerusalem: Now by Marty Angelo Book Review

I reviewed Vision of New Jerusalem: Now, in exchange from Marty Angelo. I saw a post on BookBlogs and responded to his request The book is also published by One Life Matters Ministries. The book consists of 32 chapters plus appendices and footnotes (400 plus pages). The book is .99 on Kindle and 9.95 on paperback.

About the Book:
An in-depth study of the relationship of the kingdom of God, the Church, and the New Jerusalem. By understanding and applying the principles found in this book one will learn how to:

  1. Stay out of troublesome situations... Now!
  2. Live a victorious overcoming life... Now!
  3. Experience inner peace... Now!
  4. Build an important bridge between preterism/fulfilled eschatology and futurism... Now!

My review:

The book starts out with Angelo becoming a Christian in 1981, but he did not start the book until 1983, when Marty was in jail for possession. In 1985, while working at a substance abuse center, Marty started developing a manuscript for another book: Once Life Matters: A New
Beginning. The book focuses on the endtimes and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Angelo shared and taught his vision with students/staff members at the center, but got fired because his vision was not aligned with the center's vision.

The first few chapters focused on Marty's background and his process for developing his books. He focused on his experiences in prison and his conversion to Christ. He also talked about his religious upbringing and background.

Page 34 goes into the four end-time teachings.
1. Futurist: Jesus will return to Earth. No one knows the date or time. The future will also involve catastrophe and judgment. There are four sub-categories under futurist:

  • Pre-Millenial: The Church will be raptured at the second coming of the Lord. There will be tribulation and a 1000-year millennial period. 
  • Mid-tribulation: the church will be raptured during the middle of the great tribulation and the 1000 year millennial period
  • Post Millennial-the church is raptured in the future (not knowing the date or time), but after the tribulation, but before the millennial period
  • Amillennialism- does not believe in a 1000 year millennial reign, but believes Jesus will come in the future.
2. Preterist : believes Revelation was written before AD 70. Revelation is an explanation of Jesus and Daniel's prophecies concerning Jerusalem's destruction and the return of Christ. 
3. Historicist: Started in the first century church continuing to the age of Prophecies.
4. Idealist: Also known as spiritualist or symbolic. The events of Revelation are neither past or future, but simply symbolic, dealing with good versus evil .

Chapter 3 dealt with Marty being confused with parts of revelation (which confused me too, when I read it years and years ago). Some things, he had trouble understanding was the Mark of the Beast (666) and the Whore (Harlot). Marty started doing more reading and research into end-time books to gain a greater understanding. He started developing a greater relationship with God. 

Chapter 7 starts getting into the real meat of the book (p. 68). Angelo backs up all his work with biblical references. Page after Page of verses of the bible, mixed in with text.For example:

Peter Needs Conversion (p. 104)
Of course Peter didn’t completely understand his role in the Kingdom of God until he was totally converted on the Day of Pentecost. He first needed to be converted… one of the first keys to God’s kingdom.

Luke 22:31-32 - And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

He discussed the resurrection, the coming of Christ, how Satan's reign will come to an end. He also talked about the power of the Holy Ghost and how a relationship with Christ is very important. No one wants to be left behind. I definitely do not want to be left behind. Marty also discusses how the kingdom of Jerusalem will be re-established. Next, Marty discussed the day of judgment. This is a great theological book, with a simple, easy-to-read format. 

About the author:

Marty Angelo is an author and minister. He founded One Life Matters Ministries, which as a prison, substance abuse, and celebrity outreach.

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