Monday, May 6, 2013

PediProtexx Review

I reviewed Pedi Protexx in exchange for review from Tomoson. 

Product description: copied from Tomoson:

We've all done it! All our girlfriends have too! And it is SO FRUSTRATING!You've paid well-earned money for a pedicure. You've enjoyed it, but now you don't have the time to wait to let it dry. So you put on the flip-flops and head out the door, only to bump your foot or drop your keys and smudge your perfect pedicure.Pedi Protexx is a revolutionary new product that protects wet toe nail polish from the minute it is applied until it is dry. Rework and retouches are reduced significantly. Smudged polish eats up productivity time, and it is annoying. Pedi Protexx surrounds the foot with a protective shell large enough to prevent damage to the wet polish even if the foot bumps against something. The Pedi Protexx plastic hood slides on any flip-flop type sandal. The device stays in place due to the patented design that grabs the thong of the flip flop. One size fits most feet. You can walk or drive while wearing Pedi Protexx.

About the inventor: 

My name is Barbara von Mettenheim, and I’m sick of smudging my pedicure! The technician at my nail salon does a great job! But I often sabotage her good work. The day I ruined all the polish on one foot, I declared victory over smudging. The idea for Pedi Protexx was born. No more ruined pedicures for me… and now for YOU, too! Your polish is protected from the minute it is applied until it is dry. Put Pedi Protexx on while you are still in the chair, and worry no more about bumping your toes. This shield provides ample room for any size feet. One size fits all. Wear your favorite flip flops into the salon. Use Pedi Protexx until the polish is dry and then remove them. No need to change shoes. They fit any style flip flop you have. You can walk and drive in them. They are dishwasher safe and can stand up to the strongest disinfectant a salon has to offer.

My Review:

I chose the product because I am impatient when it comes to painting my fingers and toes. I will smudge both big time, if I move too soon, which I usually do. I applied for the product through Tomoson and was glad, I was accepted. I received the product last week in the mail. The instructions said to place the Pedi-Protexx inside a flip flop. The slit in the middle aligns with the slit on the flip-flop. I did not get this instruction, until I tried to place the product on my regular sandals. Anyway, I cleaned the old polish off my toes and repainted them. Placed my feet inside the Pedi-Protexx and slipped my sandals on. It did not work. My toes smudged big time. I went to find me a pair of flip-flops around the house. Found a pair of my niece's downstairs. Re-cleaned and re-polished my toes. Placed feet in the device and into flip flops. My toes did not smudge. I wore the flip flops with Pedi-Protexx around the house for about three hours to test for comfort and smudges. My niece also tried the product. She liked it as well. Now, if there was something similar for fingernails :-)

The product is 19.97 plus $3.50 shipping from Pedi Protexx's website

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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