Sunday, May 12, 2013

Keeping secrets

Tested, True by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross) discusses how we do not need to keep secrets because they can hinder our relationship with God. We need to tell people our secrets and hold each other accountable, so we don't fall back into old habits. I have a few things, I have hidden from the masses. Some have never been discussed on social media or in person at all. I don't want people to think I am weird or strange or crazier than normal. Maybe, I don't want people to treat me with less respect, trust, or even ignore me, isolate me from them.

Cole and Ross discussed how we should choose to live without secrets (p. 176). everyone has problems. we don't have to try to conceal them. There are two types of people: those, whose problems are not hidden, in addition to those, who attempt to haul around secrets (This is me). I always have been a secretive person, only revealing to those as needed. I do have a distrust in general for people. I also dislike revealing too much of my self, because someone may use the information against me or tell more people, who do not need to know. Secrets can lead to broken trust, broken relationships, and broken credibility.

I do have a blog post, sitting unpublished (on my other blog) because it is partially a secret. I was going through something years ago. I have discussed it before, but not in detail. Some old feelings arose and I wrote it down in blogger to get it off my chest, since my note pad was not available. I have one other major issue, I have concerns about, since I was a child. Not sure whether or not to discuss it, unless it is with someone, who can handle it. Matters of Good versus Evil should not be taken lightly. Trying to read a book on the subject, but have not gotten to the meat of the book yet. Well, the part I chose the book for in the first place. When I got my advance copy of TTT, i went straight for the part I requested the book for. When I bought What are you waiting for by Dannah Gresh, I went straight for the part, I bought the book for. Maybe I should talk to someone trusted at church, even though Im not quite sure yet. anyway, rambled long enough.


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