Saturday, May 18, 2013

Homemade buggy (roach) powder

I found this recipe online last year. I was looking for a natural bug killer solution, with ingredients, I already had at home. The ingredients was powdered sugar and baking powder. I also done the recipe with baking soda. still kill roaches dead. Basically, the sugar attracts the bugs and the soda causes their bellies to explode. The ingredients are cheap (1.00 or less).

You add together equal parts sugar and powder, then mix. I did 1/3 baking powder and 1/3 powdered sugar. I use a measuring cup to add both ingredients and then mix in the measuring cup, as well. Then, sprinkle in the areas, where you see Mr. and Mrs. Roach and their annoying little children. The process is slow acting but it works. Plus, since it is natural and edible, it won't harm the kiddies, if they accidently touch it.

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