Monday, May 20, 2013

Get back up. trusting God when Life knocks you down by Sheryl Giesbrecht

I read Get Back Up: Trusting God when life knocks you down by Sheryl Giesbrecht, in exchange for review from Litfuse. The book is available in Kindle and Print Editions. This book is geared towards women primarily. I chose this book because I need to rely on God more during tough situations, instead of relying on myself. I don't trust a lot of people with my problems, issues, and concerns because I don't think they will keep it secret or they will use it against me. By the time, most people find out about something, I have already went through it and learning from it.

My review of the book:

I do like how the book gives chapter summaries before starting into the book. I am one of those folks, who sometimes starts a non-fiction book on a specific chapter before reading the rest. I want to know how a particular topic can apply to me right now. How do I resolve a specific problem I am dealing with now? Some of the topics included in the book are letting go of grudges; responding to God's invitation; finding your true identity; isolation, flexibility; dealing with death; and finding balance.

Some things I learned from reading the book:
  • Casualties, mistakes, and accidents are apart of life. Each time something happens, you can learn from it. You also can know what not to do, if and when it occurs again. I had a miscarriage in 2005. I was hurt, isolated, and devastated. My body was rejecting the baby (fibroids, herpes outbreaks, and stress). I lost the baby four months later. I never wanted to experience that type of pain again. In 2009, once again, I am in the same situation, but I approached it a little differently. I still was in mental and physical pain, but I made some serious changes. I deleted phone numbers. I stopped having sex as much. Eventually, I became celibate a year later. I found out I was pregnant in 2010. I did not want another miscarriage, so I started eating healthier. I started cooking more foods. I also did not tell too many people to reduce stress. I also tied my tubes in 2011. I did not want more kids, but I also never wanted another miscarriage again. I fell, but got stronger as time went by. 
  • When you fall down, get back up again. Whether it's addiction, depression, despair, destruction, etc. Learn from it and get back up. God will help us through the good and the bad. He is waiting for us to call on him and ask for his help. 
  • Man is flawed. Man can not always help you through your problems, let alone fix your problems. We can not rely on man alone. We need to rely more on God. 
  • Our sins (mine and yours) are not too much for God to handle. 

Sheryl also added personal experiences to her book. She talked about getting into trouble as a youth. She discussed her drug addiction.  She discussed getting rejected by a boy, she liked, at the school dance. She talked about falling deep, wanting God's help, but still wanted her own way as well (I been there lots of times.). 

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