Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Geekatoo Review Computer Repair Tech Help

I reviewed Geekatoo, in exchange for review from Sverve. Geekatoo is similar to Geek Squad. The website is free for sign-up. The website finds local geeks and matches them with individuals, who need computer help. You can sign up as a geek or a client. Geekatoo provides services such as computer repair, networking, virus removal, home theater installation, web design, photo, video, etc.

About Geekatoo:

The company was founded because Geek Squad charges $300 for in-home visits. With Geekatoo, you do not have go to the repair shop and hand over your pc or laptop for a week or more. The geeks work at highly affordable prices. The company has 3000 providers across the United States. With the website, you can sign up as a geek or a client. The company is 75% cheaper than Geek Squad.

Jeff Atwood, a co-founder of Stack Exchange (a company in the Silicon Valley) posted a review of how Geekatoo helped his mom.

I also posted two jobs to see the response time and pricing quotes. My laptop is currently down. It will not charge. I need it fixed. All my geeks, live in Georgia and California.  I went to GeekSquad. I was told to bring it into the store for diagnosis. I did not receive a price. I also posted an ad on Skill Pages. I got two people to respond, but no prices and still no closer to a diagnosis. I posted an bid on Geekatoo as well. I got one response from Corey.

The process is simple. You make a new request. Then, you provide a brief summary of the issues, you have, plus any additional details. You also choose a category:

  1. Windows
  2. Apple
  3. Internet/Network
  4. Teach me
  5. Web and graphics
  6. Photo and camcorder
  7. Tv and home theater
  8. Workplace
  9. Gaming
  10. Printers, Fax, and Copy
  11. Other
The more information you provide, the better the geeks can help you. Next, you provide follow-up information: 

Finally, you confirm the problem. Each bid lasts four days. Once the bid is closed, you can renew for three more days. Next, wait for the geeks to contact you. They will ask for more information (follow-ups) and then quote you a price.

You can accept or not accept the bid. The bids also come with a deadline. Once the deadline approaches, your bid is closed.

Geekatoo also has a buyer's guide for pcs and laptops; internet, networking, and router; monitors, displays, and video cards; printers, fax, and copy; laptop and desktop memory. The guides are very helpful, even to the technical challenged like myself. Each guide also has a link to Amazon for purchasing parts, if you choose. You also can earn credits for referrals to the site.


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