Saturday, May 4, 2013


I feel drained completely today. I woke up early today--not because of the Kids---but because my niece kept calling me 100 times in a row. I heard the phone ring, but ignored it. I was up all night, reading a book for review, in addition to cleaning. What did my niece want--a ride home from tutoring? My mother just got home from work. Told my mother to go pick her up, but the calls kept coming.

I went downstairs to a little cleaning. My mother and I cleaned out the hallway closet. 7 years full of junk, that I did not make. But, it seems I have taken the lead role on it. She started, but I finished. Now, we need to go through the stuff to decide what to do with it. I already went through my things a few days before and decided to give some old clothes, books, and magazines to a non-profit, Christian organization. So, I can do the same for my mother's and other relatives old junk.

The other day, I had boxed up some of the old clothes in the closet and put it in the den, to store it temporarily. I go downstairs today---my niece decided to dump all the clothes sans boxes back into the closet. She was having company and did not want her friends to see the mess. Had to re-box all the old clothes up, in addition to re-cleaning the living room and boxing up new clothes. I also swept the kitchen and wash room. I just cleaned all these rooms Thursday. Makes no sense for them to be back this messy. Too many people living here. I got therapy for the kids on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I need the downstairs clean,. which means I will be working downstairs all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I love my kid's therapists, but it is getting harder and harder to clean up before they arrive. If I clean up the night before, the next morning it is a mess. I also don't like working around grown folks, laying down, while I attempt to clean. The only reason, I clean the living room and den, is for therapy. The den is the therapy room. Since, you can see the living room from the den, I clean that too, just in case, Brad runs from his therapists. Kalen doesn't run yet, but he crawls away quickly into the living room or back upstairs.

Not to mention, my youngest is getting antsy--I assume because he is turning two years old. He wants to be held more. He is crying more. My oldest is being his self, but more screaming and meltdowns. I just don't have the energy to deal with it, so I wish other people would leave him alone. I had to come upstairs to getaway. I finish some more tomorrow, plus trying to continue working on my own room.

I know I am tired because I forgot about two scheduled book reviews for today and yesterday. They all got written at the last minute. I did skim through both books before though, plus re-read some of them. Luckily, I am glad I started the spreadsheet for upcoming book tours and reviews. I probably am still missing some information, but it is a start. If I don't write things down, I will forget. or it gets lost in the e-mails and Kindle. I took a vitamin C and B12 pill, but still feel drained. Got lots of work to do. Lots of cleaning, lots of reviews. Lots of therapy. I may take a break from book blog tours after this next batch and review on my own terms--either within 30 days (Bethany House, Tyndale House) or within 90 days (BookSneeze or Blogging for Books). I didn't realize I could overextend myself very quickly. I will still review products as well. I would love to get a Shark or that X5 mop or a Rhomba (Ruumba, whatever that robot vacuum is).

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