Thursday, May 2, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn

I read Darkness Before Dawn, in exchange for review from Litfuse. The book was written by Ace Collins and published by Abingdon Press

About the Author: (copied from Litfuse):

Bestselling author Ace Collins has written more than 60 books including novels “Swope’s Ridge” and “Words of the Father”, as well as the nonfiction “Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas”; and “Lassie: A Dog’s Life”. His books have become movies and network television specials. Ace Collins has sold more than 1.5 million books during his career and makes his home in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Find out more about Ace at

I chose this book because I loved the description. The book is about Meg Richards, a nurse, whose husband is killed in a car accident by a minor. He was on his way home to see his wife. It was their anniversary weekend. The same night he dies, she also finds out she is pregnant. Meg starts to hate God and wants revenge against her husband's killer. I have not finished the book yet, but this book is moving so far. Some scenes were hard to take in. One, in particular, was Meg rushing to the hospital to view her husband's body. Another, was the scene with her mother, right after the funeral. That scene also started Meg thinking about revenge. The third scene, which stood out, was in the hospital, where the doctor told her she was pregnant, right after viewing Steve's body. Meg does not understand why her husband had to die. He had a good job, well-respected, a community leader, worked in the church, and was a Christian. 

I had to start re-reading the book this morning. The scenes and imagery was powerful. This book was one woman's account of her emotions during a storm. But, with each storm, a rainbow appears. Storms don't last always. (I will update this post, once I finish the last half of the book).

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