Friday, May 10, 2013

Challenge to Write
Yeah I am behind.

5/8- When did you know your husband/wife was the one?
I got married at 19 (2000), shortly before my 20th birthday. I have no idea why I thought he was the one. Still waiting on the divorce papers :-). I think I was entranced that someone actually wanted to date me. I have heard since birth how I could not get a man because I was not smart enough or skinny enough for feminine enough. I married the first boyfriend I ever had. We met online in September, 1998. We met in person in January 1999 and we got married in January 2000. There were red flags, but I ignored them, but they irritated me on the inside. Thought I could handle marriage. I was wrong. But, I learned from the good and bad. I know what not to expect if and when I get remarried. 

5/9- A little about your hometown…
I was born in Houston, Texas. I was raised in Conroe, Texas. I stayed in the African-American neighborhood (Tamina). Some people thought Tamina was it's own city and separate from Conroe. It seemed safe, but it was riddled with drug problems. My grandmother, uncles, and my mama ex all sold drugs. My uncles and my mama ex also did drugs. My middle uncle also scammed people out of their money. I had nightmares that all the people he scammed, trying to kill the whole family. I did not go anywhere. I did not have friends. I was a homebody, avid reader, tv watcher, computer fiend. I don't know much about my neighborhood. It was black. The schools were decent and about five minutes away by car (30 to 40 minutes walking the long way). The schools were  majority White, 25% black, and 3% other. My graduating class in high school (1998) had over 600 graduates. The ROTC program was amazing. I signed up when the program first started. 3 years of AFJROTC. I loved the discipline and structure. The rich neighborhood was across the highway. It had the golf courses, fancy high school, million dollar homes. Everyone wanted to live in the Woodlands. 

5/10- Your favorite rainy day movie…
I do not have one. I love to watch all sorts of movies. I own some, plus have access to Amazon instant video plus hulu plus xfinity tv. yet, all these avenues, do not have one of my favorite movies for free (Usual Suspects). 

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