Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Challenge to write 5/10 to 5/13

Im behind again.

5/10- Your favorite rainy day movie…

do not have one. 

5/11- Which of the four seasons best suits your personality and why?

hmmmmmm, winter is cold, but can bring gifts and the love of Jesus Christ. Spring represents life, birth, changes. Fall represents change and life again. Summer is fun, carefree, open, hedonistic (depending on what you are doing). Summer allows time to slow down, relax, and have fun. I would be Spring or Fall. 

5/12- Share your 9 favorite books of all time

I am an avid reader. Not sure if this are the  top books, but they are some of the best. 

  1. Any way the wind blows by E.Lynn Harris.  I also like Mama Dearest; Basketball Jones;  Invisible Life; Just as I am; What becomes of the broken hearted; I say a litle prayer; IF this world were mine; Just too good to be true; Not a day goes by; A love of my own. I loved Basil Henderson.
  2. Addicted by Zane. Nervous is good as well. 
  3. Malcolm X by Alex Haley
  4. The baby of the family  and The Hand I fan with by Tina McElroy Ansa
  5. Left behind by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye (read the entire series). I also love LaHaye's Babylon Rising series. Similar to Angels and Demons and the Davinci Code, but based on biblical artifacts. 
  6. Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey(hated the ending). I also like Dying for Revenge, Sleeping with Strangers, Waking with Enemies, Chasing Destiny, Genevieve, and Milk in my Coffee. 
  7. Maintenance Man by Michael Baisden. I also like Men cry in the dark.
  8. Time to Kill; Last will and testament; the associate
  9. Just say No; For the Love of Money; Boss Lady, Flyy Girl; Do right man by Omar Tyree

5/13- What would be the soundtrack to your life

I have a few songs, which would reflect my life or former life:

  • DJ by Jaheim: it is a song about a woman, who rotates through men, never giving the right one a chance
  • Little Red Corvette by Prince: song about a women, who has sex with a lot of men.
  • American Dream by Casting Crowns: it's about building a foundation on anything but God and watching it fall away. The character in the song was a father, who worked too much, and never spent time with his wife and son. They kept asking for his time, but he kept putting it off until another day. 
And he works all day and tries to sleep at night. He says things will get better but he's running out of time. 
And he works and he builds with his own two hands
and pours all his has in castle full of sand
and the wind and the waves kept crashing in
time will stand, just how long, his kingdom stands. 

  • This is it by Kirk Franklin. I love the song. it talks about being sick and tired of this life and wanting more. These problems can not be it. Has to be something more to life. 
  • Priceless by Joe--Well I am priceless. 
  • I need you now by Smokey Norful. I was going through something at the time and this song was what I needed. I never heard of Smokey before, since I do not listen to the radio. I went to an event in Atlanta to see my husband (AKA Joe Thomas). One of the tables had free gospel cds. I grabbed one because it was free, but I did not listen to it until weeks later. I was moved. Wish I had played that cd earlier, but it was just what I needed at the time. 

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