Thursday, May 2, 2013

Advice for Seekers

I read Advice for Seekers, in exchange for review from New Leaf Publishing Group. The book was written by Charles H. Spurgeon. The book was also published by Attic Books, A division of New Leaf Publishing Group. I received a paperback of the book. Currently, the paperback is available on Amazon for $4.00 and the kindle version is $1.75. The print version is 11.69 (on sale), but 14.99 regular price.

About the author: (Copied from NLPG)

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 to 1892) remains a respected and influential source of inspiration and study. His classic collections of devotions for morning and evening remain a beloved treasure of wisdom and teaching for Christians.

About the book: 

First, the book is a reproduction of the 1890's classic work.
The book focused on "removing the barriers we too often place between our faith and God's love" (Copied from the back of the book).

I chose the book because I wanted to read more Christian-based books, especially practical knowledge and theology. I tried to get into the book, but it is a lot of language, I did not understand. For example, "There is no attribute  of God, which self-righteousness does not impugn" (p. 2). Luckily, my mother reads a lot of theology and helped on some of the passages. I definitely recommend pulling up a dictionary as you read the book.  You will see such words as comest, contemned, thee, doth, seeketh, and tis. Some passages are just hard to read. I am still reading and re-reading the book for understanding.

Impugn: (Copied from


  [im-pyoon]  Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to challenge as false (another's statements, motives, etc.); cast doubt upon.
Archaic. to assail (a person) by words or arguments; vilify.
Obsolete to attack (a person) physically.

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