Thursday, May 30, 2013

ABC Mouse Giveaway 5/30 to 6/13

Perfect Chaos is helping The Simply Me Blog promote their ABC Mouse Giveaway. I am a former subscriber of ABC Mouse. It was the best money I spent for the time had. For those, who don't know, my oldest son is autistic and adhd. I love any educational program, which helps him learn and also keeps him still. Some of his favorite programs are Starfall, Zac Browser, and ABC Mouse. I kept the subscription for as long as I could, but my oldest son stopped playing it as much. I may re-subscribe for the summer to try to prevent any regression. The website is great. You can set your child up, by level. Brad was on the lowest level because he needs to learn his ABCs and 123s. Your children also earn coins or points to spend on their animals tanks and other things. 

Welcome to the review and giveaway being hosted by The Simply Me Blog is a full online curriculum. is a subscription based educational website for kids ages 2 to 6.   With over 450 lessons and over 3000 individual learning activities ABCmouse gives children  the foundation necessary to achieve academic success.   

There is 6 levels each designed to target different age groups.

You start your child on whichever level you think is best for them if you find your child is ahead or behind that particular level that is okay because you can change it at anytime.

The lessons cover reading, math, science, art and colors and Music.

As a parent I love the fact my kids are learning, but are having fun at the same time.  My son thinks ABCmouse is the new greatest game!  He begs to "play" he is having fun learning and as a mom that makes me proud.  

The lessons are short and easy my 5 year old son has an attention span of 2 minutes and becomes easily bored so it made all the difference that the lessons were short and always changing.  One minute he was coloring, the next singing a song, doing a puzzle and so much more.  It was always changing and keeping him engaged.  

Plus he is rewarded for learning, at the end lesson he gets to pick a prize.   My son loves this whenever he is getting close I can hear the excitement in his voice when he tells me how many more lessons until he can earn another reward.

With each activity he completes he earns tickets and points that he can spend at the pretend online store. 

My 5 year old adores ABCmouse and has been bragging about his achievements to everyone.  With each account you can add 3 children so I was able to create an account for my son Quinn who is only 2.  I thought for sure he wouldn't get much out of it, I was so surprised to see him smiling and clapping along to the songs.  The youngest level was really targeted to his age group.  I don't think he will be reading anytime soon, but I happy to know that he is starting a strong foundation to eventually achieve that.  It is never to early to start learning! was developed by childhood experts that understand kids they understands how to teach them without overwhelming them.  My boys honestly view ABCmouse as a game which is why I think they our learning so easily, because for them its fun its not work.

My oldest will start kindergarten this year its nice to have the peace of mind knowing he will be ready!

If you would like to learn more please see my link below:

And now onto the giveaway!

1 Person has the chance to win a 1 year membership to a $79 value!!

You must be 18+ to win and live in the USA 

I was given this product for the purpose of review.  Regardless all opinions are my own.

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