Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Poops

Yesterday, Brad took a poo in the toilet. I was eating downstairs and Brad said he stink. Got upstairs and there was no poo on him. Checked the floors but no poo. The poo was in the toilet. Yay. Hooray. He also did another poo in the toilet this morning. Now, I need to teach him how to wipe himself and how to dry his self off after a bath. Been woke up twice this morning for those two issues.
Everything is a work in progress. Last year, Brad would not bathe or shower without assistance. He mastered that, but still did not like soap. Some days he use soap and others he do not. Still working on that one. He also needs to learn to dry off. Brad will bathe on his own without telling anyone. So, I have been woke up plenty of times because he took at bath at 3 am and needs to be dried off. Yay me. I hope he will be fully potty trained and have decent bathroom skills (wiping, washing hands, brushing teeth, using soap).


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