Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today is a windy, super cold day. Brad has went part of yesterday and part of today without his Rispercrap. The results were completely evident. Brad kept attacking his brother via pinching and biting. Brad also had more meltdowns, even with melatonin in his system. I even tried playing the infamous Autism CD by Dr. Bates. I can not stand the sound of rain, but I put up with for the sake of my mental stability. I don’t know what set Brad off but he was jumping on sofas, trying to lay on tables, pulling Kalen’s hair, and a slight bit zombie-ish last night. He was staring off into space (something typical of Kalen. Brad has not done this in a long time). Glad I called the doctor for the rest of his medication. The doctor gave me a two-month supply. I assumed the 4 bottles was a two-month supply. Didn’t realize Dr. D gave a refill, since he don’t normally do this. Dr. D called his morning, told me about the refill, and I quickly called CVS. I asked for the Rispercrap only. The Clonindine can wait (melatonin works better anyway). After a few hours of meltdowns, my mother braved the cold and wind to head to CVS to get Brad’s medication. CVS also refilled the Clonindine, because my mother asked them too. (I hate crushing pills).

Early Intervention went great. Ms. Lisa also came bearing gifts: a giant, 46 piece, floor puzzle, and a bubble gun. Brad was calm during the sessions. He played with Sariyah. Tried to block her from coming into the den, but Riah climbed over him and entered the den anyway. Kalen did some cruising, stacking, and shaking today.

I noticed a few minutes ago, Kalen displayed another sign of Autism--well if not just Brad only. He was banging his head against the wall. Brad was a head banger during the first few years after birth. Glad he grew out of it. Not sure if I am ready for another head banger. I know Kalen has characteristics of Autism, but I am more prepared now at 32 than I was at 21.

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