Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fantasy Fallacy by Shannon Etheridge

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I read the Fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the deeper meaning behind sexual struggle, in exchange for review from The book was written by Shannon Etheridge and Steven Arteburn. I chose this book because I have been celibate for almost two years. I had a serious sexual addiction, porn addiction, and masturbation addiction. I still struggle with issues, but not as bad as I used to be.This book is written from a Christian perspective.

The book talked about how fantasies can make you want more sex. Fantasies also can cause unwanted expectations in relationships. Fantasies also can depersonalize sex and may ruin potential relationships.

Not all fantasies are bad, a fantasy can help heal pain, motivate towards a goal, or help you through a life transition.

The book also discusses types of fantasies (autoerotic, erotic, and illicit). It also discusses the repression of fantasies and sublimation (redirecting sexual energy elsewhere). The book also discusses how porn and voyeurism affects individuals.

Finally, the book discusses new ways to look at fantasies. Maybe the fantasy fulfills a psychological need.

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