Sunday, November 25, 2012

Secrets of Biblical Wisdom by Kyle Searcy

I read the Secrets of biblical wisdom by Kyle Searcy, in exchange for review from Bethany House.

Funny story:

The other week, I was reviewing some emails and noticed one from Bethany House. It was the confirmation to send me this book. I normally keep my confirmations in the book review folder, but for some reason this book was in the business or event folder. I was not sure,if I received the book yet. I checked my e-readers (kindle for pc, kindle cloud, reader for pc, and adobe digital editions)but could not find the book. So I thought ok, Maybe Bethany has not sent the book in the mail yet. Cool, no Problem. I have two other books (paperback) to read for review. This morning, as I was preparing for church, I needed to find the boy's tooth brush. In my bag, with homework and other things needed to work, I noticed this book. I been reading it since I got home from church. The book was just what I needed at this moment. The book is what I needed right now.

I am loving this book. I enjoyed the forward and prologue, especially the dorm dream. I also enjoyed the story about how Kyle met his wife. The story was highly inspirational. Kyle let God guide him in finding the right woman for him--not just as a wife, but as a pastor's wife. Not everyone can handle this role. The book also talked about how we--as a people--need to allow Godly wisdom to guide our decisions. We do not need to rush into decisions because we will make mistakes-the wrong mistake. I also love the questions for thought at the end of each chapter. Searcy also teaches about the difference between Godly Wisdom and Demonic (false wisdom). I highly recommend this book. Like I said, I started about an hour ago and now on page 41 out of 188. This is an excellent book.

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