Friday, November 2, 2012

Israel @ War by Joel C. Rosenberg

I reviewed Israel at War by Joel C. Rosenberg, in exchange for a review from Tyndale House. This review is more informative because I had little to no knowledge of Israel and Iran, prior to reading this book.

I chose the book because it was different from my normal reading. I don't follow Israel's political structure but I now this country has importance in Christianity. I hardly know anything about Israel, other than it's biblical relevance. The book also discussed how Iran is an enemy of Israel. Iran is a Muslim country, while Israel is more rooted in Christianity

The book discussed Benjamin Netanyahu. I heard of him before, but was not sure of his relationship to Israel, so I wikipedia'ed him. He was the prime minister of Israel from 1996-1999. Some of the things he said and I noted was:

Sometimes the critics are wrong

He had a desire to protect people from threats

He had the desire to go to war or not to go to war.

I also had to wikipedia some other references: (Note I do not normally use wikipedia for research, but today I needed definitions. ).

Mullah-Muslim man, who is educated in theology and sacred law
Twelfth Imam-12th political and spiritual leader to Muhammad
Mahdi-Prophesied redeemer of Israel, who will rule for 7, 9, or 19 years before day of judgment.

Iran, is at war with Israel and the United States. Iran has launched multiple attacks against the US and Israel, using rockets, mortars, suicide bombers, missiles, and a pending nuclear attack. The attacks caused loss of hundreds of lives to be lost, injured, and millions in damages paid by Iran. The Presidency of Reagan and Clinton or Israel did not launch an attack, during these times. Israel eventually targeted Iran by bombing rocket factories and weapons warehouses, but no full-blown attack.

This book was enlightening to read, but I learned a lot from it.

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