Friday, July 13, 2012

Need a break

Need a break

Some days I want to scream, holler, and I need a break. Raising two children, who require constant attention, in addition to attending graduate school, requires a lot of patience, understanding, and maintaining my temper. Some days I want to snap in two, dealing with both boys and trying to complete schoolwork. Oh yeah I still have to deal with the other relatives, who live here (mother, niece, great niece, uncle, the occasional nephew, and the rest, who show up). My only break is at church, provided my children act right and the early childhood department does not find or page me. Other than that, where I go, the kids go. If I go to the potty, there is a high chance, Brad will knock on the door or come in, if I forget to lock the door. At other times, Kalen (and/or my great niece) is in their rockers, while I bathe, because I do not want Brad to mess with them, while I take a quick shower.

These children, school, church, and internet are my only sources of entertainment. I do not date, smoke, or have sex (by choice). I only had 2 samples of free liquor at HEB within the past year. I just want to find a place to scream, to get a release, without going more crazier than I am right now.  

The Joys of an Autistic Mom.

Stacie D. Wyatt

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