Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goboxi Productivity Software Review (Tomoson)

I received access to Goboxi's productivity software, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. Goboxi allows you to manage email, tasks, calendar, social media, and projects online. You can import your emails and other information into the website for more organization.

I wanted to review the software because I need to get more organized. When I was in school, I forgot about other things, such as submitting a review on time or not writing enough reviews, such as for Tomoson, to get the load minimized. I also struggled with tasks around the home, such as cleaning. I need to clean, but I also need to write. I need to write, but kids are calling me for food. Of course, I need to find a ride to the store to get food.

Now school over and I still am not finding the time to do everything I need to do. My blogging tasks are almost back on task, yet I need to clean. Like right now, I am on a mass cleaning spree. I got the game room floor, front room floor, and kitchen clean today. Tomorrow, carpet cleaning my room, upstairs hallway, game room, and maybe the front room. I still also have to vacuum the living room.

I'm on the edge of burnout and need more organization.

Goboxi allows you to log in with Facebook or Google plus. You also can connect your Twitter, once logged in. You then can add your Gmail account. Add tasks and a time frame and date for each task. You can search for items by hashtags.

You can read emails by contacts. You can read and respond to email. The website is great for organization. So far, I have used the site to read emails and for task management.

Sign up for early access to the website using the link above

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Framesi Color Rich Shampoo and Conditioner Product Review (Tomoson)

I received Framesi Color Rich Shampoo and Conditioner, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I wanted to review Framesi's products because I dyed my hair twice over the summer: once red and another lighter reddish orange color.

A photo posted by Stacie D Wyatt (@sdwyatt1980) on

Usually, when I dye my hair, I start when my hair is shorter and then let it grow out to a mini afro, then cut my hair into a fade again. Yet, the color fades by the time, I want to shave it off again.
A photo posted by Stacie D Wyatt (@sdwyatt1980) on

A photo posted by Stacie D Wyatt (@sdwyatt1980) on

I wanted to review Framesi to see if my color would still fade quick. The color did not fade and it lasted longer than before. Normally, I cut my hair within 2-4 weeks after dying it. I just cut my hair last week. About 2 months. The color still remained a bright reddish orange.

My head is back to its normal color and shaved now, but I would continue to use Framesi when I dye my hair again (still trying to find the right purple. everytime I buy purple, my head ends up red or orange or reddish orange).

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glen Campbell I'll Be Me Review and Giveaway (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

This post was sponsored by FlyBy Blog Promotions. I received a free preview of the movie in response to the campaign. No other compensation was provided. All Opinions are my own.

About the Movie (from media kit)

In 2011, when Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he joined forces with his family to fight the biggest battle of his life. Glen and his wife, Kim, made history by going public with the diagnosis – the first time a major American celebrity would share this experience with the world. The Campbell family then embarked on a short “Goodbye Tour,” but the three-week engagement turned into an emotional and triumphant 151-show nationwide tour de force.

This epic human drama about the undying bond between Glen and Kim, and their unwavering caring for each other, chronicles a story of love, resilience and the power of song.

GLEN CAMPBELL…I’LL BE ME is the true tale of how America’s greatest country star would not give up his music or his family, against all odds.

The film features those who know and love Glen, including Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, The Edge, Paul McCartney, Jay Leno, Vince Gill, Jimmy Webb, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Steve Martin, Chad Smith and Taylor Swift among many others. Rare vintage footage and extraordinary new performances of Glen’s most beloved hits immerse this moving cinematic account in the overwhelming talent of this humble family man. With joy and a tireless sense of humor, Glen and his family live each moment in the present while preparing for the future, all while playing their music to sold out venues on a star spangled voyage spanning the country from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood Bowl.

The movie was produced by who produced Walk The Line

My Review

The movie is a documentary about Glen Campbell, who has Alzheimer's. The movie features clips from his performances, family, and friends. You also see Campbell in the beginning, watching the movie with this current wife, and she has to remind Campbell who was who in the movie.

From a caregiver perspective, I was touched. I have two special needs kids, who require me to change diapers, button and zip clothes, tie shoes, bathe, etc. His wife was smiling. I don't know what she was going through mentally, but she was still smiling on the outside.

You also see footage of Campbell during medical treatment, such as taking an MRI or talking with his doctor or talking with his wife, while waiting on treatment.  

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Atlantic Luggage Giveaway to NYC or San Diego (Sponsored Post Izea)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Atlantic Luggage for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I am being compensated for this post.

D10dd084-915e-4bdc-a409-43413f25907a_zps5ec7f6e2 Fe522cec-93cc-4e51-88d9-e80b246e3b89_zpsab18058d

I love to travel, even though I don't travel much. In August, I went to the Bahamas for 3 days. The last vacation was Morgan's Wonderland for a day in 2011. I love visiting new places.

For the Morgan's trip, it was a day trip, but I still had to pack extra clothes for both boys; diapers, wipes; laptop; phone; movies for the bus trip; snacks; and my purse.

For Bahamas, I had to pack my clothes; shoes; diapers; wipes; toiletries; kid's bags; purse; laptop case; and kindle case. It was hard moving five bags around by myself. For the next trip, I want to try those vacuum space bags to make more room. The shoes fit at the bottom of the bag, but still took up valuable space. Glad, I only packed 2 pair: 1 tennis and 1 dress shoe.

Morgan's Wonderland December 2011

The Islands of Bahamas, Nassau, August 22, 2014

Nassau Bahamas August 22, 2014

Atlantic Luggage is giving away a family trip for four to New York or San Diego, California. The prize pack includes:
  • Round trip airfare, courtesy of Delta Vacations
  • Choice of Delta Vacations Hotel Accommodations
  • Choice of one Delta Vacations activity or a tour for four
  • Four Atlantic carry on size suitcases. 

About Atlantic Luggage

Atlantic Luggage was started in 1919 to make traveling with your family easier. The company created affordable, lightweight luggage, in many colors, styles, and features. Some features include:
  • The Link2Go System, which connects multiple pieces of luggage
  • 360 degree 4 wheel spinners for guidance and steering
  • Retractable handles
  • Built in wet pockets
  • Shoe pockets (which I needed for my Bahamas Trip)
  • Expansion capabilities (which I needed for my Bahamas trip :-))

Enter GiveawayEnter to win a family trip. Giveaway ends November 15th 2014. Winner will be chosen 7 to 10 days from the end of the contest. Grand prize trip must be booked by September 30, 2015 and completed by October 31, 2015.

Grand prize package trip certificate is valid for:

  • Round -trip economy air transportation, valued at up to $450 per ticket for the Grand prize winner and 3 guests from a major US airport serviced by Delta airlines near to the Grand Prize winner's home to a major US airport serviced by Delta Airlines near New York City or San Diego 
  • Hotel accommodations at a participating Delta Vacations hotel in NYC or San Diego
  • Four Atlantic Carry-On Size suitcases
  • $300 allowance to spend on their choice of Delta Vacations Tour or Activity packages. 
  • Trip is to last 3 days and 2 nights
  • Total prize value: $3700

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Phantom Fit Reflective Ankle Bands Review (Tomoson)

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I received Phantom Fit Best Visibility Reflective Ankle Bands - Set of Two (One Pair) - High Quality Green Fabric Material with Velcro and Two Strips of Reflective Tape - Use for Ankle Bands or Wrist Strap - Perfect for Running Gear or Motorcycle Riding to Say Safe - Best Runner and Apparel for Rain or Any Conditions in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

I wanted to review the reflective ankle bands after watching my cousin, nieces, and sister go for a late night walk through the neighborhood. The neighborhood has sidewalks and streetlights, but sometimes, it's not bright enough. The stars might not be out. Maybe it's cloudy out and visibility is limited. We already live in the center of the cul-de-sac, with blind spots coming from both sides of the curve.

Since the relatives want to walk at night, they need to be visible to on-coming cars. And if they walk out the neighborhood, the sidewalk stops and they have to walk through the grass and mud to continue their journey.

The reflective ankle bands are worn around the ankles or even the wrist to increase visibility when walking or running. The bands can be see up to 1000 ft.

The bands are sold on Amazon and is prime eligible.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Drink Duets Review (Tomoson)

I received Drink Duets in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I wanted to review the Drink Duets because this house is the epicenter of half empty water bottles around the house. Hard to identify which bottle belongs to who, especially with the kiddies. So, you go grab another bottle and hope for the best

#tomoson #productreview #futureproductreview #perfectchaos drink duets

Drink Duets is a foam drink identification tag, you can place over your drink to identify your drink. You write your name on the tag and place over the bottleneck of your water bottle, soda bottle, or even your beer bottle (since we have a few beer heads in the house). The tags wouldn't work for my kids. They want what I am drinking, (which is one of the reasons, I don't drink too much liquor in the house). The tags are more so for the older kids and adults in my house.

The beer heads can identify their drinks without causing a scene someone else drunk their drink :-)

The company also sells Drink Duet Skirts for your wine glasses or other stemware. The skirts and bottle tags also come in various colors. Maybe you feeling like a purple or a blue today.

Each pack of Duets is 4.50 each. The bottle tags come in a pack of 12 and the skirts come in a pack of 8.

Special Promotion

With the purchase of two packages of drink duets, you will receive a third pack of tags free if you use the code DD3.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Amazing Facts about Sharks Review (Tomoson)

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I read Childrens Book : Amazing Facts about SHARKS (Great Knowledge Book for KIDS) (Ages 4 - 12) in exchange for honest review from Tomoson.

The book is an educational children's book, which discusses sharks from prehistoric days to the modern times.The book discusses species, eating habits, activities, and body structure, with illustrations.

Something interesting, I learned is that sharks see in color. Sharks also see in clear and murky water.

The book was a decent read. Some of the words was too difficult for my kids, such as nictitating (blinking. thank you Google). He also gives the orders of the shark, such as lamniformes and this word ovoviviparous. Lucky, Kindle gave the definitions as I read the book too. I would recommend the book to older kids

The book is available in Kindle format only .

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Jammy Jams Pop Goes Lullaby Review (Tomoson)

I received Jammy Jams Pop Goes Lullaby in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The CD provides instrumental versions of pop hits, such as Problem by Ariana Grande and Dark Horse by Katy Perry. I have heard the songs by Iggy, Katy, Sam Smith, and Ariana, but not the rest. I love the beats, even if I have no idea what the words are.

The music is great for the kids to listen to, in addition to just relaxing to.

Track List

  1. Dark Horse by Katy Perry
  2. Stay with me by Sam Smith
  3. Fancy by Iggy Azalea
  4. Maps by Maroon 5
  5. Aint it Fun by Paramore
  6. Summer by Calvin Harris
  7. Problem by Ariana Grande
  8. Am I wrong by Nico and Vinz
  9. My songs know what you did in the dark by Fall out boy
  10. Chandelier by Sia

Jammy Jams comes in CD form and on iTunes.

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The Cover Plug Review and Giveaway (Tomoson)

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I received the The COVERPLUG 2-Pack Electrical Outlet Cover, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. I wanted to review the cover plug because I have two outlets in the room, which goes unused. The one between the kids beds is one of them. The outlet works, but it is cracked, plus one of the brats punched a hole in the wall. Normally, Brad's bed is over the outlet because Kalen falls out of the bed.

I used the cover plug to cover the outlet between the beds and another plug, to cover the outlet behind the book case. The plug was easy to install. The prongs fit inside the bottom outlet hole. Within minutes, the entire outlet is covered.


Enter to win a cover plug from Cover Plug. Perfect Chaos is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Icy Deals Think Tank The Stove Top (Indoor Grill) Review - The Coolest Deals on Web
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Healthy Cooking Nonstick BBQ Indoor Stove Top Grill - Stovetop

I received the Healthy Cooking Nonstick BBQ Indoor Stove Top Grill - Stovetop - $14.99
from: IcyDeals  in exchange for honest review from Icy Deals.  I wanted to review the grill because I wanted a bigger indoor grill versus something smaller like the George Foreman or the Waffle maker (hey you can make good things on here, other than waffles lol).

The grill came with two pieces: the drip pan and the grill top. The grill top requires water in the bottom to help steam the food.

Prepping for dinner. Tomatoes, black beans, a cup of water, and the indoor grill
The stove top grill

With the grill, I made chicken. I also made rice, garlic bread, and beans and tomatoes as sides. I used the grill to cook the garlic bread as well.

Using the Grill

First, you need to place the drip pan on the stove and pour about 1/4 inch of water in the pan. Then, add the grill top. Pre-heat the grill. For me, I turned on the stove first, then added the drip pan, water, and placed the grill top. It was hard placing the grill top on a open flame. 

I also recommend using pam on the grill top. My chicken cooked well, but it was hard cleaning the pan. 

Grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken, Garlic Bread, Red beans and Tomatoes, Rice, Salad

The clean-up

After I finished cooking the chicken, I cleaned the grill. The drip pan was easy to clean, but the grill top took some scouring pads. I washed, dried, and put up the grill. The next morning, the grill top had rust spots on the front and back side. The blogger community gave me some great advice on how to remove the rust. 

Back of Stove Top Grill 24 hours later after washing and drying

Front of Stove top grill, 24 hours later after washing and drying


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