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Welcome to Perfect Chaos's Business Promotion Form. If you have a business and want help promoting, enter the information for your business into the spreadsheet below. I will verify all links to make sure they fit within the blog. This is a family-friendly blog, since I have ads and campaigns tied to it. I will create another page with the spreadsheet for the businesses, once links have been verified.


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  1. Hell Stacey,

    My name is 'Yomi 'Segun Stephen and I’m the author of The Cynic's Guide to Wisdom & Contentment: 18 Lessons from Ecclesiastes, a mini-ebook that tries to approach Ecclesiastes from the original author's intended mindset - a mind that does not care much for popular opinion, but report what it sees, feels, and observes from life.

    I found your contact via, so I thought you’d like to read and maybe review the ebook.

    The Cynic's Guide will be out on the 8th of December 2015 through Amazon, but I am able to send you a digital copy if you are interested in having a look.

    I appreciate your time.




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